Because I believe that books are magical

I share with you two of my favorite animations revolving around books:
I hope I do this right... I am terrible at embedding links!

This first link takes you to the website for The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. I first saw this short at Cinequest last year and loved it immediately. From their webpage you can read about the short, watch the trailer, then link over to iTunes you can download it and watch the whole thing FOR FREE. Do it. Do it now!

Flying Books

There is also an App, but it is only for the iPad ... which makes me really, really want to get an iPad. More than I ever have before.

This second one is an amazing short that is a stop-action animation set in a bookstore at night. I have a great appreciation for people who have the imagination and patience to make this sort of thing happen. Thanks to Shelley Monson for bringing this to my attention.

The Joy of Books

from that YouTube video, you can link to some other wonderful pieces by the same animator that have nothing to do with books. Like penguins playing Rock,Paper, Scissors.... you can imagine how well that goes over!

have fun!


Since my memory is getting less reliable, I am going to start tracking my movie watching.

January so far:

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows. In theatre with Chris. Pretty fun. Kind of loud.

Midnight in Paris. On Dvd, with Chris. Loved it! Really fun fantasy piece.

Ip Man. Amazon streaming. A nice period piece. Some of the martial arts was a bit too graphic for my taste, but it was a well made. Sadly it was a dubbed version rather than subtitled.

Sherlock Holmes. Borrowed Dvd from Chris. Technically I didn't watch this all the way thru. I've seen it several times and had it on while I was sewing.

The Artist. In theatre with Chris. Very touching. Charming. Yes, it's a silent film, and black and

and white, but if you love movies, you'll enjoy this. Plus it stars the dude from OSS117!

and so we start another one.

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm finally getting back into the blogging thing - I hope - after a long absence.

As a reminder (since it really has been forever since I posted!) I have this blog and another one under fashzineista

I just started posting over on fashzineista about fashion/sewing/costuming projects and I'm going to keep this one for non-costume writing. So if it's costuming you're interested in, you may want to hop over to the other blog.

And I'm enjoying catching up on what everyone has been doing, since I've been gone for so long!

Who's going to Costume Con in NJ/2011?

I haven't bought my membership yet but am trying to get a feel for how many of y'all are planning on going.

Is anyone planning to go for longer than the con to do side trips anywhere?

My dream side trip would be to Rutt's Hut for a Cremator hot dog. Which I hope and pray is close enough to the Con to be a cab ride away. Probably cost more to get to the place than the meal would... but I don't care!
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Adventures in HandSewing

I've been practicing / re-learning hand stitching in preparation for a 2 1/2 day workshop in the middle of May.

So everyday, I get out my needles and thread and my scraps of practice fabric and sew several lines of backstitches and running stiiches. Next week I start on buttonholes and eyelets. Oooh, exciting!

Well it's exciting for me because I'm learing how to use a thimble. Which is a new thing for me and I'm really liking it.

Last night I was too tired to do my lines, so this morning I decided to try doing my sample stitches on the bus to play catch up. Worth a try, even though the bus drivers are sometimes terribly aggressive and I might stick myself. Fortunately this bus driver was relatively sane. I was able to get a lot of practice in despite it being a short ride.

There I am sewing away, and there is an empty seat next to me. I realize that there are lots of people standing, and one guy comes over to the seat next to me.

He looks at what I'm doing and doesn't sit down but instead turns around and leans against the edge of the seat - while still standing in the main aisle.

As we get closer to my destination stop, I fold my sewing up and put it in my bag.

Only then does this guy actually step up to sit in the seat next to me. Then I had to ask him to stand up again so I could get off the bus. ha!

Are needles really that scary?

better and better!

I made it to work before it started raining again.

There was another bowl of congee waiting for me on my desk (still warm) when I got in.

AND - Judith brought me some fauxtatoes. Which is only one of two ways I will voluntarily eat cauliflower. She utilizes the same vegetable eating tricks on me as she tries on her kids. I think I'm more pliable than they are though.

nom nom nom
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as was expected

My Goretex jacket kept at least part of me warm and dry.

My pants and hiking boots, however, were thoroughly soaked by the time I got to work this morning. No big deal - it's just water, even though I got pretty cold that last windy block before I got to my office building.

So that's why I packed my office pants in my backpack.

The bad news is that despite my precautions, water managed to soak into said backpack and there were lovely, random wet spots all over my nice fresh work pants even though I had put them in a bag inside the pack.

Still, they were much, MUCH drier than the jeans I had on, so I peeled myself out of the jeans and oh-so-gingerly stepped into the slightly less work pants. Thankfully the water wicked off to the surface and dried quickly.

and to make the morning even better, a coworker had left a warm bowl of congee on my desk for my breakfast.


note to self: re-waterproof hiking boots between this round of storms and the next.
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today is kinda sorta fail so far

But it is only 2pm.

Still haven't gotten into the laundry room, and I'm too lazy to pack the car to go to the laundromat. When I saw how many loads it was gonna be, that plan kinda went pfffft.

Storage locker was closed today. Doh! Course I didn't bother to double check their holiday schedule so I ended up driving over to find the gates locked. That was completely my fault. I meant to go either Saturday or Sunday, and kept putting it off.

The fabric I bought for my fairy outfit is in the locker. I do have some fabric in the sewing room that would work for a quick outfit - which is all I was planning on. But now that I have gratefully handed over the 'queen' baton, I can fall back to my easy costume by tricking out my LotR elven dress with snazzy fairy accessories.

That may be for the best anyway, cause I can then spend a bit more time and creativity on the blue/gold fairy and make her more like an Amy Brown fairy I've had my eyes on.

Pulled some patterns from my in house stash that I plan to use for Steampunk stuff later this year, so I can probably get those prepped this afternoon. Oh crap. 'Later this year' is like, 7 weeks away.

In looking at the fabric I have here and remembering what I have at the storage locker, I think about 1/2 the stuff I think can be used for Fairy is actually here already. So I'll spend some time putting that bin of stuff together today too. Most of my fairy lights are in my Xmas boxes though, so won't be able to get those until the day of.

Ugh.. this year just feels full of fail as far as costuming goes. I need to sit down and figure out how to make the whole sewing thing work again. It's not like I'm at a loss for costume ideas, just not managing my time well enough to get anything started. Or finished.

I'm hoping the Steampunk projects will get things moving. That's more like sewing street clothes and just adding interesting details than doing something full on historical. At least the way I'll be making them that's how they'll be.

Fairly productive so far

This weekend has been roller coaster-y but productive.

Friday evening, I felt terrible. Dizzy, nauseous. Unsure if it was from the potluck lunch at work, or the extremely nasty spider bites I got Thursday. I'm assuming they are spider bites, since that is normally what causes the swelling reaction that I was seeing, but since I didn't see what bit me, it's just a guess. I had to pass on K&A's party since I couldn't even sit up without feeling sick, so an hour drive to SJ was out of the question.

Fortunately, I was able to sleep a LOT that night, and by Saturday morning I was feeling much better, though my neck was starting to really ache and itch... yes, the darn bug/spider bit me several times on the neck and up into my hairline behind my right ear. I've been dousing it with tea tree and lavendar, which help (and smell really nice too!).

Saturday morning was very productive:

got my car smogged, which is good cause this was the only time I could really take care of that without having to take time off work. Passed with flying colors.

got my hair cut. nothing as drastic or cute as everyone else's haircuts lately, but MUCH neater than it was. Shoulder length now, so I can still pull it back in a pony tail and it doesn't drive me crazy if I leave it down. It's also the perfect length to do the Emma Peel flip again.

picked up my mail. no packages, but more magazines came in.

hit two half price book stores on saturday, one on sunday.

went to JoAnns to take advantage of the sale and coupon. picked up two small but interesting pieces of fabric off the red tag table. and got the Burda pattern for the CC28 single pattern contest. Still not sure if I'll got with the Burda or the Folkwear, but I am currently planning to make both. I was already planning the Cheongsam before it was even announced for the contest.

did a little more cleanup in the 'breakfast nook' part of the apartment.

Today, it's all about laundry and my storage locker. And more organizing around the house - the never ending chore!

I'm a little annoyed because I woke up at my usual workday time to get a jump on clean clothes - but someone had left laundry in both the washer and dryer overnight. And there isn't really anywhere in our laundry room to put stuff like that. If it had just been clothes in the dryer, I would have found somewhere to put them.. but I hate dealing with other people's wet clothes.

From the sound of it, the culprit got the dryer going about an hour ago, so the laundry room should be free for me soon. If it isn't, I may just throw everything in the car and go to a laundromat.

I haven't been able to get started on the new camicia and corset, but the reality of that is, I can probably last thru the end of the this faire season with what I have. I really need to make sure I plan some time over the winter to do costume improvements for Bella Donna. Or it'll never get done. Plus, if I'm going to make one camicia, I may as well make two or three at the same time.